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Government of Canada travel advisory for Guyana

Government of Canada

Government of Canada February 10, 2014 08:31 ET

Guyana - Exercise a high degree of caution

There is no nationwide advisory in effect for Guyana. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to high crime rates.

Foreign travel advice for Guyana - Government of the United Kingdom

Government of the United Kingdom

Government of the United Kingdom, February 10, 2014 - Latest update: Summary - reports of threats relating to Caribbean Airlines flights

BREAKING NEWS! Bad weather in Guyana affecting arriving aircraft, flights diverted

Two passengers from BW 483 in Trinidad waiting on their rescheduled flight to Guyana

At least two flights scheduled to arrive in Guyana on Thursday night had trouble arriving because of bad weather

Fly Jamaica FJM 151 from Norman Manley Airport, Jamaica to Cheddie Jagan International Airport (CJIA) was diverted to Trinidad, and Caribbean Airways BW 483 from Port of Spain, Trinidad, after two attempts to land at CJIA returned to Trinidad.

South America provides a new pope

Countryside in Paraguay

Although I'm not Catholic, I am very pleased to hear that the Vatican has elected a pope from South America. It's long overdue. The continent provides 40% of the world's Catholics, and no one institution has had such an influence over this continent. At one stage (1609-1768), it even presided over a utopian state, here in Paraguay (pictured) managed by the Jesuits.

A world of cave-dwellers and trogolydytes

Small blobs of basalt, atop columns of tapering tuff called."fairy chimneys"

This is Kapadokya or Cappadocia (in Turkey), where for thousands of years, whole cities have been built undergound. All this burrowing needs some explaining.

Like so much that is beautiful, it began with extraordinary violence. At first, the brutality was geological. About seventy million years ago, Mt Erciyes exploded, along with two other volcanoes. They smothered the land first in shortbread (properly known as ‘tuff’) and then a wafer-thin coating of basalt.

A long-lost outpost of Jamaica

Costa Rica's easterly province, Talamanca

For years, it was hard to get to Costa Rica's easterly province, Talamanca. Along its long, sandy, coconutted shore, there are few villages. Before the road came, the only people who’d lived here were BríBri Indians and a few turtle-hunters, who’d wandered over from Jamaica many generations ago. Caught between the jungle and riptides, most people had settled down to a life of ease.

Hotels you'll never forget

The Amanjiwo, Borobudur hotel in Java

Hotels you'll never forget, good or bad. Here are five of my favourites:

1. The Amanjiwo, Borobudur (see photo). I stayed here whilst doing an article on Java for The Daily Telegraph. It was probably the most luxurious billet I've ever been given. This room had its own pool, and all sorts of gizmos. There was ever a set of watercolours in case the mood took you.

A palace made of leaves.

Karanambo, Rupununi, Guyana

This is Karanambo, deep in the interior of Guyana. It's been home to the McTurk family since 1922. Back then, the Rupununi was still an odd place to settle. It took as long to get to Georgetown as it took for Townies to get to London. There was no doctor, no government, and still a handful of tribes who’d shower you in arrows. But Tiny McTurk didn’t seem to mind.

Revolution Ranch, Pirara, Rupununi, Guyana

Revolution Ranch, Pirara, Rupununi, Guyana

Revolution ranch. This is Pirara in the Rupununi (Guyana). When Evelyn Waugh called by, in 1933, here was ‘one of the most imposing and important houses in the district.’ He described a schoolroom, fruit trees and a compendious library with books on every conceivable subject ‘much ravaged by ants’.

Walton Hall, near Wakefield in Yorkshire, England - Walton Hall, Essequibo River, Guyana

Walton Hall, near Wakefield in Yorkshire

The world's first wildlife park. This is Walton Hall, near Wakefield in Yorkshire. It was the home of Charles Waterton (1780-1865), whose family had a plantation in British Guiana. The plantation is still there today, now the village of Walton Hall (on the Essequibo Coast), but Charles wasn't interested in it.

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