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Two Guyanese and Three Jamaicans Caught in Cocaine Bust on the Caribbean Sea

Two Guyanese and three Jamaicans caught with approximately 215 pounds of cocaine on Guyanese fishing vessel Chrispoph

July 2, 2015 - Two Guyanese and three Jamaican smugglers were caught aboard a Guyanese shipping vessel with 215 pounds of cocaine in the Caribbean Sea.

Venezuelan Politician Edgar C. Otálvora's Opinion on Nicolas Maduro's Decree 1787

Jorge Arreaza ariving in Barbados accompanied by Virginia Rosa Chavez

Venezuelan politician and journalist Edgar C. Otálvora wrote in the newspaper Diario Las Américas. (translated)

"Maduro did not measure the impact of the decree drafted by the Ministry of Defence"

Venezuela's attempts to circumscribe our sovereignty must be resisted by all Guyanese

To claim what’s not yours is an act of misplaced aggression. To continue to want to grab what has been settled by international arbitration is a show of contempt for the rule of law. To decide on one day you will use this decree and next day use another in efforts to push an agenda which is known to have no moral and international premise and support among right thinking persons within your country is a sign of desperation. 

History, February 2, 1969 - The End of a Killer’s Reign of Terror

Article from Guyana Graphic newspaper printed February 2, 1969

From the Guyana Graphic newspaper printed February 2, 1969

The End of a Killer’s Reign of Terror

A killer tiger which prowled the lower Demerara River ravaginging livestock and virtually kept villagers imprisoned in their homes after dark was finally shot and killed by a brave farmer.

Venezuela Replaces Decree No. 1787 with No. 1859

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela

The Venezuelan government has withdrawn Decree No. 1787 and issued a new one No. 1859.

  • This new decree does not have any coordinates. 
  • New decree on Zodimain has no fixed boundaries
  • The Ministries of Defense and Interior are empowered to implement the decree
  • It poses no decision on land issues

Former Venezuelan Foreign Minister José Vicente Rangel, "Persons are Being Trained to Destabilize Venezuela

The former Venezuelan foreign minister José Vicente Rangel made the following allegation on his TV program yesterday:

Translated by Dr. Odeen Ishmael from the Spanish text of the newspaper report.

Venezuela recalls Ambassador to Guyana

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro

During a speech in front of Venezuela’s National Assembly President Nicolás Maduro announced that he has decided to recall Venezuela’s ambassador to Guyana.  In addition he planned to reduce the number of officials at the embassy and ordered Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez to review diplomatic relations with Guyana.

Remembering the Son Chapman

APNU's Leader David Granger laying a wreath on the 49th Anniversary of the Son Chapman bombing

Today, 51 years have passed since that fateful day when more than forty of Linden's own were massacred on the Demerara River as they travelled home on the Son Chapman launch at 1600 hours on Monday, July 6, 1964.

CARICOM Message - Guyana Trades Union Congress press Release

CARICOMAs we mark the 42nd anniversary of CARICOM, the community is reminded the intent of the Founding Fathers is to harness the cultural, economic, social and politi

The PPP has Lost its Way

Ralph Ramkarran

The selection of Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo by the Central Committee of the PPP as its nominee for Opposition Leader seals that party’s fate in opposition for decades to come, unless the APNU+AFC coalition underperforms or unravels.

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Countdown to Benab reconstruction promise

390 days, 7 hours, 47 minutes since the Benab (Umana Yana) was destroyed by fire. Citizens await rebuilding.

Take Action for West Papua
Dear Friends of West Papua,
Here is an action you can take from anywhere in the world.
Please forward this letter to your Members of Congress or Parliamentarian, asking them to support West Papua joining the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
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