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Guyana International Football Association (GIFA) Press Release

Guyana International Football Association (GIFA)

Introduction to Guyana International Football Association (GIFA)

11/11/2014 - After months of planning, preparation and hard work, we are proud to announce the official launch of the Guyana International Football Association (GIFA)! GIFA is a global non-profit organisation registered in New York, USA, with committee members from all over the world. Our vision is to ultimately help Guyana become one of the best footballing nations in the CONCACAF region, by integrating resources both locally and internationally to develop and support the game of football at all levels, regardless of age or gender.

The Benab – A National Landmark of Importance

Site of the Umana Yana destroyed by fire on September 9, 2014

The Umana Yana is a conical palm thatched building (benab) that was commissioned in 1972 by then Prime Minister Forbes Burnham in recognition of the Amerindian culture of Guyana.

Niketa Barker, Guyana's representative to Miss Universe 2014

Niketa Barker, Guyana's representative to Miss Universe 2014

Niketa Barker at 24 years old is two years away from attaining her Degree in Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Guyana however; this regal beauty is not all about the books, in fact she is a philanthropist, children’s advocate and an award winning model in runway and print.

President Ramotar insults the People of Guyana - APNU Press Release

APNU supporters in a peaceful protest outside the Office of the President

President Donald Ramotar’s dreadful broadcast to the nation last Tuesday evening was the nadir of his troubled three-year tenure of office. It was an insult to the people of Guyana. It was an affront to the nation. It was a threat to paralyze the parliamentary process and smother the voices of their legitimate representatives in the National Assembly.

President’s announcement reveals devious nature of the PPP - APNU Press Statement

Alliance for Change

President Donald Ramotar’s announcement that he would prorogue parliament rather than face the AFC’s No Confidence Motion is disingenuous, cunning and shows that the PPP will resort to any devious method to extend their minority rule for as long as possible.

The Real Danger To Israel’s Security Is Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

As Prime Minister, Netanyahu has consistently invoked his solemn duty to protect Israel’s national security. Ironically, he has become the single most reckless individual who is imperiling the very security of the state. One need not look far and wide to discern Netanyahu’s disingenuousness and misguided policies that have only undermined Israel’s future security.

Colin Croft inducted into the “Cricket Hall of Fame”

Colin Croft Guyanese and West Indian Cricketer

Colin E. H. Croft, Guyanese and West Indies Cricketer was inducted into the “Cricket Hall of Fame” on October 4, 2014 during ceremonies held at the Hilton Hotel, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship 2014

2014 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship

You are invited to the 2014 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship.

Event Date: 
Sun, 11/16/2014 - 09:00 - 17:00

Five New Videos of The Ramblers in Action

Bing Serrao and The Ramblers

Bing Serrão​ & the Rambers a Guyanese band based in the Toronto Canada metropolitan area has released five new videos.

The Ramblers started around 1950 in Georgetown, British Guiana and moved to Toronto Canada in 1964. 

Attorney General’s despicable conduct - Guyana Trades Union Congress Press Statement

The GTUC condemns in the strongest possible term the content of Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall’s recorded conversation with a media reporter.

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Countdown to Benab reconstruction promise

169 days, 15 hours, 14 minutes since the Benab (Umana Yana) was destroyed by fire. Citizens await rebuilding.

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