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Happy Diwali from the staff of Guyana Graphic

APNU Will Support An Efficient Hydro-Power Development Project – APNU Press Release


A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) did not support the Hydro-Electric Power (Amendment) Bill 2013, No 15/2013 and the Limit on Amount Outstanding under Guarantees given under the Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act when they were brought before the National Assembly, at its 62nd Sitting on Wednesday 7th August.

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples - United Nations (UN)

The International Day of the World's Indigenous People (9 August) was first proclaimed by the General Assembly in December 1994, to be celebrated every year during the first International Decade of the World's Indigenous People (1995 – 2004).

Guyana through the lens of Filmmaker Elijah Marchand in a video titled “Tin City Voices“

Elijah Marchand

The story of rebirth in the confines of poverty!

'Tin City Voices' is the story of survival in a third world slum. Filmmaker Elijah Marchand explores a shantytown in Georgetown, Guyana. We discover an abused woman, a pregnant mother, and a man struggling to find redemption for his violent life. Their lives do not intersect but run parallel. Through a stirring story about rebirth and forgiveness amongst despair and violence, we uncover the psychological environment that confines those in the ghetto.

A steadily rising star on the American tennis scene, Sachia Vickery of Guyanese Parentage

Paula Liverpool had the guts and motivation to work as a bartender in a notoriously dangerous Miami strip club, but she could not muster the nerves to watch her daughter, Sachia Vickery, play two sets of tennis Monday.

AFC raises Amaila Hydro Project loan with Chinese Ambassador - AFC Press Release

Alliance for Change

The Alliance For Change met yesterday with Chinese Ambassador to Guyana H.E Zhang Limin and held wide ranging talks. The AFC took the opportunity to express its highest regards for the Government and people of China and for the continued support provided by China to the people of Guyana.

AFC refuses to accept Nigel Hughes Resignation as Chairman of the AFC - Alliance For Change Press release

Alliance For Change

Georgetown, Guyana – General Secretary for the Alliance For Change, Mr. David Patterson today informed Chairman Mr. Nigel Hughes of the Party’s receipt of his offer of resignation from Chairmanship of the party. On behalf of the Management Committee of the Party, the GS further advised Mr.

Nigel Hughes resigns as Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC) - Press Release

Nigel Hughes

The headline in today’s Kaieteur News “Nigel Hughes is company Secretary of Amaila Hydro Inc” was difficult to miss both in prominence and import.

The incorporation of the Amaila Falls Hydro Inc and my appointment as secretary have been a matter of public record since the incorporation of the company in April 2009.

28th Anniversary of the Death of the President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham - PNC Reform Press Release

President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham

The People’s National Congress Reform wishes to inform you that Tuesday 6th August 2013 marks the 28th Death Anniversary of the Founder Leader of the People’s National Congress, former Prime Minister and Executive President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, the Late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham.

Oil discovered in Guyana in the 1930s and the British Government's Policy

“Policy Regarding Oil Concessions in British Territory”

In the minutes from a "Secret" meeting of the Committee of Imperial Defense of the British Government titled “Policy Regarding Oil Concessions in British Territory” on 29 September 1930, it was stated that “while in British Guiana the discovery of oil indications in a boring for water has led to a demand on the part of local estate proprietors to lease their oil rights to United States interests.

Guyanese American Michelle Godette Sworn In As Mission Director to Guinea And Sierra Leone

Ms. Goddette being sworn in as Mission Director to Guinea and Sierra Leone

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Michelle Godette was sworn in today August 01, 2013 as the U.S. Agency for International Development Mission Director to Guinea and Sierra Leone. The mission is based in Conakry, Guinea, but supports programs in both Guinea and Sierra Leone in agriculture, democracy and human rights, environment, gender equality, and global health.

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