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Hazel's Heavenly Home

Your Home Away From Home

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64 Hatfield St, Wortmanville, Georgetown, Guyana

Rose's Floral & Gift Shop

For your all floral arrangements: Fresh, Silk, Dried, Bridal Bouquets, Wreaths, Etc.

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Simone A. James Alexander Ph.D. - Professor & Author

Simone A. James Alexander

Simone A. James Alexander is Professor of English, Africana Studies and Women and Gender Studies and Director of Africana Studies at Seton Hall University, New Jersey, where she teaches and researches in the areas of Postcolonial literature, African American literature, African literature, Caribbean literature, Russian literature, American Literature and women writers.

New Media Accreditation Criteria for Government Facilities

The Government of Guyana has issued new criteria for media personnel security clearance at the Ministry of the Presidency offices and at State House.

Lady Sara Lou Carter, July 4, 1923 - December 16, 2016

Sara-Lou Carter in 2003

On Friday, December 16, 2016, Lady Sara Lou Carter of Bethesda, Maryland, died peacefully at the age of 93.

President David Granger, "Guyana welcomes the decision by UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon"

President Granger shares a light moment with some of the Officers of the GDF as Chief of Staff, Brigadier George Lewis looks on

Georgetown, Guyana – (December 21, 2016) President David Granger, today, said that Guyana welcomes the decision by United Nations' (UN) Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon to identify a definitive deadline to the Good Offices process for the resolution of the Guyana/ Venezuela border controversy.

A Letter To Santa

Vibert Parvatan

Dear Santa,

It has become traditional for me to write to you at Christmastime with a “Wish List” for Guyana.

We are thankful for the favourable responses you gave to some of last year’s requests and look forward to your positive and joyful support this year.

Review of "The House on Coco Street" a Film by Damani Baker

Damani Baker

From the first few frames of 'The House on Coco Street' a film by Damani Baker, screened on Friday, Sept 29th, by Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival at O Cinema in Wynwood, Miami, it was clear it was going to be a powerful human story of international significance.

Its opening juxtaposed a close up of the young, charismatic Black NJM Prime Minister and loved populist leader of a peaceful revolution, making an impassioned plea for the future of his island paradise home in 1982, and the old, hawkish, White, Republican President of the most militaristically powerful country in the world - the United States, spewing hateful threats towards the Spice Isle - a tourist destination in the Caribbean.

High Commissioner Giroux gives up his seat – to commemorate the International Day of the Girl

High Commissioner (for a day) Kendra Warner, with Pierre Giroux, meets Mr. Paolo Marchi, Deputy Resident Representative

To commemorate the 5th International Day of the Girl, Mr. Pierre Giroux, the High Commissioner of Canada to Guyana gave up his seat on Friday, October 14, 2016 to a young Guyanese girl who, through a High Commission social media competition emerged as the successful candidate to take the prestigious seat.

The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Does Not Address the Larger Issue in Our Country

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton The Hillary Clinton email scandal is nothing more than a distraction from addressing the real issues affecting our country.

  • Carl Rove was accused of deleting millions of President George W. Bush's email that resided on a private email server.
  • By his own admission, Colin Powell had U.S. government emails on a private email server.
  • It was alleged that Condoleezza Rice and some staffers had U.S. government email in their personal email accounts.

40th Anniversary of the Terrorist Attack on Cubana Airlines CU-455

 Cubana Flight 455 - Douglas DC-8 - CU-TI201 (similar to photo)

October 6, marked the 40th anniversary of the terrorist attack on Cubana Airlines CU-455 carrying 73 persons including students, athletes, and children. Flight CU-455 was scheduled to fly from Guyana to Cuba via Trinidad, Barbados, and Kingston, Jamaica.

Inaugural University of Guyana Fundraising Event in Washington Metro Area; Off to a Good Start

Some of the attendees at the U.G. Fundraising Event in Washington Metro area

The University of Guyana’s Renaissance fundraising program held its first event in Washington DC, at the Taste of the Caribbean in Capitol Heights, Maryland, on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

In spite of the poor weather conditions, 35 people were in attendance to hear UG Vice Chancellor and Principal, Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith talk about what he had learned since his installation in June, and his plans to bring the University of Guyana back to its former standard of excellence.

Inaugural University of Guyana Fundraising Event in Washington Metro area

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Countdown to Benab reconstruction promise

1184 days, 2 hours, 59 minutes since the Benab (Umana Yana) was destroyed by fire. Citizens await rebuilding.

Take Action for West Papua
Dear Friends of West Papua,
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