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64 Hatfield St, Wortmanville, Georgetown, Guyana

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Citizen's Response to Kaieteur News Editorial "UG Needs better Leadership"

Terrence Blackman, Dean School of Science, Health & Technology Medgar Evers College, City University of New York

Dear Sir/Madam,

I trust that all is well. The Kaieteur News editorial, "UG Needs better Leadership",  published  May 04, 2017,  reflects a poor understanding of the University of Guyana's role in Guyana's development and place in the wider world. The University's mission is to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge in the service of the community, the nation, and all mankind in an atmosphere of free and critical inquiry (Academic Board 2001). It aims to provide a place for education, learning, and research at the of the highest university standard in the arts and sciences throughout Guyana. It is a mission and legacy bequeathed to us by our forbearers who had the foresight and wisdom to dream this dream in 1963. Given this mission, what is the right framework for understanding and analyzing our national university? I humbly submit to the editor, that the guiding principles for a proper analysis of the university's leadership and trajectory are as follows:

STEM Guyana Team Ready to Participate in Inaugural Robotic Olympics in the USA

The STEM Guyana team giving Minister of Public Telecommunications, Ms. Catherine Hughes (first, right) a demo of their project

Georgetown, Guyana – (April 28, 2017). First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, today, met with the group of young Guyanese at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, who are currently fine-tuning their robotic project in preparation for the inaugural Robot Olympics in Washington DC, USA in July. Minister of Public Telecommunications, Ms.

The Future of Guyana’s Sugar Industry

Guysuco Products

The troubles facing the sugar industry in Guyana must be looked at through the eyes of modern innovative niche marketing visionaries and strategists.

UG Council Decides on Tuition Fees and Salaries

University of Guyana Logo

Following intense discussion, the March 30 extra-ordinary meeting of the University of Guyana Council, chaired by Chancellor Eon Nigel Harris, voted to increase tuition fees. In making the decision the Council examined the University's projected budget deficit, the pressing needs of the University, and projected alternative income streams.

Chinese Army Donates Military Equipment to Guyana Defence Force

Some of the 31 pieces of military equipment donated to the GDF by the Chinese People's Liberation Army

------ Will enhance GDF's infrastructural development role

From Russia with Love - PSYOPS and the USA

PSYOP Regimental Insignia

The current drumbeat of stories regarding Russian meddling in the US presidential elections is much more than Russia hacking or possible cooperation with US citizens to sway the outcome of the election in their favor. This is a classic case of Russia perpetrating a huge PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) program on America that is relentless and is currently in high gear.

UG Establishes a University Press


The University of Guyana  (UG) and  Ian Randle Publishers (IRP) of Jamaica signed an agreement on March 16, 2017 to establish The University of Guyana Press as the publishing arm of UG to create an outlet for the scholarly work of faculty and student researchers, as part of efforts to boost research and scholarship at the nation's sole national university.

Small Campus Fire at Turkeyen Contained - University of Guyana Press Release

Fire in the University of Guyana compound

The University of Guyana is working with the investigators from the Guyana Fire Service and Guyana Police Force to determine the cause of a small fire which started at around 10:00 h on Tuesday, March 8, 2017.

The Origin of the Phrase “In the Limelight”

The Lime light which was created in 1816 by Thomas Drummond

The origin of “in the limelight,” which refers to being the focus of public attention, is linked to a type of stage lighting that was popular in the 19th century. The “lime” in limelight is a chemical compound, calcium oxide, also known as quicklime.

Pabst Racing Announces Calvin Ming (Guyanese) for The 2017 Usf2000 Championship

Calvin Stanley Ming

Pabst Racing of Wisconsin USA announced today that 21-year-old Calvin Ming has signed to drive in the Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship Powered by Mazda for 2017.  Ming will drive the #22 Pabst Racing entry during the fourteen-round season.

Inaugural University of Guyana Fundraising Event in Washington Metro area

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Countdown to Benab reconstruction promise

1184 days, 2 hours, 59 minutes since the Benab (Umana Yana) was destroyed by fire. Citizens await rebuilding.

Take Action for West Papua
Dear Friends of West Papua,
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