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Where are they now - Carol Seaforth

This photograph was taken at least fifty years ago! I am sitting in the centre. It was my birthday party I remember.

I left Guyana in the late 60's and I lived mainly in the UK. Seven years ago I moved to the south of France. The weather here is as good as I can get in Europe that is close to the tropical temperatures of the Caribbean. The sky is blue and the sun shines for 99% of the year. Good eh!

Clement Pinheiro (Astwood)

Clement Pinheiro (Astwood)

Clement Pinheiro (Astwood) left Guyana in the early 1940′s to join the RAF in the UK. He was married and sent the above photos sometime in the mid 1940′s.

He could also be using the name Clement Caprino. 

His family (sister Edna Pinheiro, recently deceased) would be glad to hear from anyone who knows anything about him or his family.

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