What has happened to some of our young folks

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Why the change in the standards of our attire

In this forum let's have a discussion about the reasons for the social movement of some folks in their style of dress. What are they saying about themselves when they dress like those in the photo on the right. If as the old saying goes clothes make the man, what kind of men (and women for that matter) are we making when they walk around more undressed than dressed? Is it right that society makes judgments about character based on attire? Shouldn't people be free to dress as they wish without being judged? Who gets to decide what is appropriate and why should we listen to them?

Can the "wrong" attire lead to negative profiling?


I'm all for expressing yourself and being different, but I don't need to see your underwear type and when you walk like a penquin because your pants' waist is by your knee then we have a problem. No need for BeeGees high waisted, tight pants, but how about a belt every now and then.


Where are our "Heroes"