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Tennicia De Freitas: Entertainer - Singer, Song Writer

Tennicia De Freitas

Born on the 10th of December ,1991 in Kuru-Kururu; a village found on the Linden Highway on the East Bank of Demerara, Tennicia Nekeita De Freitas grew up in her grandmother’s house the place where she still calls home. Her childhood days were not so easy since she never knew her father at that time and her mother worked very hard to take care of her and her younger brother then. She spent all of her nursery and primary school years in Kuru-Kururu where she started dancing and singing, however, she loved dancing alot more. In 2003 she graduated from the primary level to Christ Church Secondary and it was during that year a star was discovered. She decided that she would perform at the Father’s Day service in church, trying her luck at singing a song that she heard and loved. She was loved by all and she then realised that she had a gift and had to learn to accept it. Later that year she was advised by one of the leaders of the church who remembered her performance, to enter a teen talent competition which was amongst the churches in the district. She came out successful, winning the competition and decided to take her singing to another level. In 2004 she was again encouraged to enter another competition which was hosted by an artist of Kross Kolor Records; the label she is now signed to, and she decided to take another chance at her talent. Unfortunately she did not place in the competition but great things were in store for her. The songs were recorded at Kross Kolor Records and the manager, Mr Burchmore Simon, was impressed with her voice. He later decided that he wanted to work with her as one of his artists and spoke to her mother about his intensions. He took her in like his own daughter and promised that he would help her to be successful. Her mother trusted his words and agreed to his decisions and Tennicia became the youngest member of the Kross Kolor family.

Living up to his words, the following year she was featured on the “Wine Till Yuh Drop” album; the second album of its kind, with her first released single “You Like The Way” which she is still recognised for. A promise was made and to date it has never been broken. In 2006 Tennicia was crowned the winner of the Children’s Calypso competition, which she won for three years (2006-2008). Being and all-rounder, In 2007 she placed first runner-up in the Miss Guyana Talented teen pageant also winning the prize for the best talent. Later in that year she represented Guyana in St. Kitts and Nevis at the Digicel Haynes Smith Miss Caribbean Talented Teen pageant where she did not place but managed to win the prize for the best ambassadorial appearance. Her manager saw the potential in her and decided he wanted her to move on in the calypso competition so he entered her into the junior category in 2009.She placed third, however, managed to win the support of the audience.

Without giving up she later became the winner of the 2010 National HIV & AIDS song competition in Guyana and the Junior Calypso Monarch. With the piece entitled ‘Don’t Want to Be Born’ which became a big number in her country and around the region, Tennicia also became the recipient of the Guyana Cultural Association (GCA) Youth Award (New York). She went on to placing 2nd in the junior competition the following year and won the first Healthy Lifestyle Song Competition of the same year. She is once again the reigning junior calypso monarch and copped 2nd place in the health song competition. These titles sought her being apart of other events and she is also a member of the Parkside Steel Ensemble in Guyana. All of her successes came under the strong guidance and leadership of her manager and the entire Kross Kolor Family of which she is deeply greatful for.
Whether its working in the studio; recording, learning about the music business or playing the double tenor pan, Tennicia believes that success comes with consistent, hard work and dedication with a good attitude and respect for others. She is currently working on releasing other songs which will showcase her versatility and believes that losing is not failing but should be used as a stepping stone to greater achievements.

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