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Sir Wilson Harris, author of "Palace of the Peacock", among many others

Sir Wilson Harris

Theodore Wilson Harris was born March 24, 1921 in New Amsterdam, Guyana. He studied at Queen’s College then became a government surveyor after his studies and then taking up a career as lecturer and writer. The knowledge of the savannas and rain forests he gained during his time as a surveyor has formed the setting for many of his books, with the Guyanese landscape dominating his fiction.

Harris migrated to England in 1959 and published his first novel, Palace of the Peacock in 1960. This was followed by The Far Journey of Oudin, The Whole Armour, The Secret Ladder, Carnival, The Infinite Rehearsal and The Four Banks of the River of Space. His most recent novels are Jonestown, The Dark Jester, The Mask of the Beggar, and his final novel, The Ghost of Memory is possibly.

The two time Guyana Prize winner was knighted in 2010 for his services to literature. The honor was bestowed on him to mark the birthday of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.
Sir Wilson Harris is known for works such as:

•Palace of the Peacock
•The Far Journey of Oudin
•The Carnival Trilogy
•The Age of Rainmakers
•The Well and the Land
•The Womb of Space, and much more

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