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Mark Archer, author of "Where Do Broken Hearts Go"

Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Mark Archer

Mark Archer is a Guyanese novelist and is President of Archer Holdings, a Real Estate investment company in Atlanta, Georgia. He resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia with his wife and four children.

About the book
Janelle Brown: A sultry Nubian beauty whose husband Colonel Michael Brown dies violently mere days before deploying to Iraq. She moves to Atlanta to start a new life and maybe find new love.
James Lewis: A successful real estate developer and notorious playboy. After a failed relationship in New York, he moves to Atlanta and vows never to fall in love … until he meets Janelle.

Major Lawrence “Larry” Henderson: United States Army Special Forces. A handsome rogue, whose love for all women is only matched by his passion for the military. But none of his extensive military training prepares him for what happens when he makes love to his best friend’s wife.

Things become complicated when Janelle becomes part of a deadly love triangle, and must choose between a way of life she already knows or embark on a new and exciting adventure. Both men are fiercely in love with her and would do anything to win her heart. But as Janelle ponders her future, the horrors of war touches her again, and this time she must act quickly to prevent herself from becoming another casualty of war.

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