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Ken Corsbie - Legend of the theatre

Ken Corsbie

Ken Corsbie - Legend of the theatre - “I'm a full-blooded West Indian Stereotype - half Chinese, half African, half Scottish, half South American Indian, half Welch - part Barbadian, Trinidadian, and born and bred Guyanese. I'm probably the only authentic true-true English speaking Caribbean storyteller in North America - and I mean CARIBBEAN. I am a Caribbean storyteller, poetry performer, teller of folk and literary tales, stand-up. I've been a solo entertainer for the past 35 years.”

Mr. Ken Corsbie starting as an actor in amateur theatre in Guyana way back in the early 50’s, working his way up to artistic director of the Theatre Guild. He spent three years at college in England studying drama, stage/lighting design and directing, then worked as radio producer/announcer and liaison officer throughout the islands for the fledgling Caribbean Broadcasting Union. Ken was also the producer/performer of a two and then four person theatre group called “DEM-TWO & ALL AH WE” during the 1970’s in Guyana.

Ken migrated to Barbados in the 80’s and for the next seventeen years worked throughout the island chain, from Guyana to Belize, as a solo entertainer, educator, journalist, storyteller, poetry performer, stand up comedian, theatre designer and director. In 1996 he migrated with his wife Elizabeth to live in the United States of America where he has been a citizen since 2003.

Ken continues to perform in the Caribbean and North America where he runs workshops, designs, directs, tells at festivals, cafes, schools, universities, libraries, after dinners, anniversaries, conferences, special events.

Has Ken received nine awards for his contribution to the arts. They include the Arrow of Achievement from the Government of Guyana, the Cacique Award from the Trinidad & Tobago Drama Association, several for stage design and directing, and a special award from the Long Island Traditions organization.

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