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Keith Easton, author of "A Village Co-operative Business Experience"

A Village Co-operative Business Experience
Keith Easton

Keith Easton was born in Buxton village, Guyana, South America. He was first employed by the cooperative that built the Garment Factory and had a front seat view of the enterprise. After the factory was built he worked with the Garment factory as an accounts clerk for over six years. Easton attended County High School (Republic Coop. High) in Buxton, The Technical Government Institute, and the University of Guyana. After graduating from Technical Institute he worked in the field of construction.

In 1983 Mr. Easton migrated to USA. He entered the insurance profession and continued his education in Insurance, Investments and Real Estate.

Easton, well known in the Guyanese/Caribbean Diaspora in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, currently owns and manages an insurance agency which markets and sells all types of financial products. He is an active and licensed realtor with over 25 years experience, and a property manager.

Mr. Easton believes being involved and giving back to the community is an imperative and despite his busy schedule still finds time to be involved in social and professional organizations.

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