History of Guyana in motion video, Vol.3 - 1948

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Below is a collection of films made in and about Guyana circa 1948, courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum). Any use of the footage in productions is forbidden unless rights have been secured by contacting the Penn Museum Archives at 215-898-8304, or email photos@museum.upenn.edu.

All of the films in the Penn Museum collection are copyrighted by the Penn Museum

No Sound

1948 - Penn Museum collection
Field. Small boy bathing at well or over stream.
Building: arched facade.
Wooden frame building with square tower.
Narrow canal.
People. Large wooden vat with iron rings.
Wide canal, tree-lined avenue.
Scenes in town.
Twin stone towers, large sphere (?) on top.
Spoked wheel at a well ( ? ).
Dragonflies in flight, [out of focus]
Scenes in town: tall wooden tower, possibly a light house;
flowering bush; train station (?); cart on road; telephone booth.
Oddly ropy trees.
Carved stone posts in a yard.
Black man wearing picket sign: “WE WANT”
Lumber yard.
Half-built wooden building.
Boats: one with straw-roofed cabin.
City scenes.
Child's toy car.
City scenes
Chinese Association building
Police Headquarters.
Food for sale.
Bicyclists. Wooden
Women working in flooded field.
Birds and sea lions.
Fan-palm tree. Grove.
Fields with scattered buildings.
Barges, sailboats, canals. Many views of riverbank from passing boats.
Wooden house: thatched roof.
Paddle boats.
Boat with tiller and crude sail.
More scenes along river

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