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Hank Parvatan: November 29, 1979 - March 7, 2007

Hank Parvatan

Hank Parvatan, the son of Vibert Parvatan, Director of Laparkan Trading died in Canada five days after he had left Guyana where he had attended his uncle's funeral.

Hank Parvatan, 27, (November 29, 1979 - March 7, 2007) a former pupil of St Margaret's Primary School, died yesterday at the Ajax/Pickering Hospital in Canada.

Hank arrived in Guyana from Canada on February 24 and joined his father on the NCN Radio proramme 'Feedback' the same night. He chaired the order of proceedings before the funeral service of his uncle, Oscar Parvatan, on February 26. He left Guyana on March 4 and arrived in Toronto the evening of the same day.

Recalling every moment of contact with his son since he left, Vibert Parvatan, said, "I called him on (March 5). His wife, Tricia said he was okay and he was going back to work. I didn't speak with him then. I spoke with him that afternoon and he said he missed the sunshine. On (March 6) I spoke with him on two or three occasions. He said he was having a high fever, pains in his body and he was overheating. I suggested he take a Panadol. I called him back later. He said he still had the fever. I didn't say much more.

"Yesterday (March 7) I didn't speak with him in the morning. When I spoke with him in the afternoon, his voice was subdued. He said he was not allowed to talk on the phone because he was at the hospital awaiting attention. I called his cell phone several times after and got his answering machine. Later in the night, I got concerned and called my niece. She told me she took him to the walk-in doctor and said he was very superficial. Having returned from Guyana, he said he should have his blood tested and that he should take some aspirins.

"My niece was concerned at the high fever. She called his wife and suggested that she take him to a hospital. His wife took him to Ajax/Pickering Hospital. Eventually I got back to my niece and she told me that he was still at the hospital receiving the drip. Much to my shock I got a call at midnight last night (March 7) from my sister in Canada, who told me to sit down, be calm, take it easy.¦ She said she had shocking news for me. She told me he died."

Hank Parvatan, a graduate in economics from York University, married Tricia in October last year. He is also survived by his mother Claudette of Canada and his sister Vanessa of the USA.

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