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Carlton (Harold) Marks (June 28, 1928 - December 30, 2004)

Harold Marks

Carlton (Harold) Marks - Administrator of the Georgetown and New Amsterdam Hospitals Carlton Marks affectionately known as ‘Harold’ was born on June 28, 1928 to Allan and Lucy Marks in Guyana, South America.

He was the youngest of a close-knit family of six children: Colin, Vera, Ulric, Enyd and Ronald Marks. Carlton began his Christian life in the catholic faith in Essequibo, Guyana where he was baptized confirmed and received first communion.

Carlton obtained his primary and secondary school education in Guyana. Upon finishing secondary school, he entered the health service industry at Georgetown Hospital in the clerical field. While working in this setting, he met and married Sheila, a registered nurse. Their union lasted fifty years to date.

After three months of marriage the couple migrated via ship to the United Kingdom. Here, Carlton followed his dreams and seized the opportunities afforded to him.

While working full time, he pursued a college degree in Hospital Administration and began his upwardly mobile journey by securing administrative positions in a few prestigious British hospitals.

After a fifteen year tenure in the United Kingdom, Carlton returned home to Guyana with his spouse and four children: Rozamund, Gordon, Alan and Carole. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed to the position of Hospital Administrator of Berbice Group Hospital.

A few years later, he was promoted to the senior position of Administrator at Georgetown Hospital, then the largest public health-care facility in the Capital of Guyana. Carlton’s quest for excellence and extreme dedication to his career naturally made him well- respected by his colleagues. On occasion, when Guyana’s Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health was away on business, Carlton was called upon to act in his absence and did so seemingly without effort.

In addition, he attended health related conferences throughout the Caribbean as part of a team representing Guyana. He remained in the position of Georgetown Hospital Administrator until his retirement in the early 1980's.

In 1985, he moved again--this time to the United States, where his family had already set down roots a few years earlier. He worked in the purchasing department at New York City’s Bellvue Hospital until his final retirement.

Personally, Carlton was a cheerful, humble man with a quiet demeanor. Known for his keen intellect and great sense of humor, Carlton always had a dimpled smile for friends and family. He was a proud father and a caring husband. Some of his favorite and most talked about moments was centered around time spent with his siblings. In particular, he often recalled fond memories of relaxing in his sisters’ home, while in the company of his brothers.

One of his most admirable qualities was his ability to listen, give meaningful feedback and sound advice. He was an avid reader and a wonderful storyteller. In his spare time he enjoyed writing short stories and listening to classical music. Having a strong religious faith, he was an ardent churchgoer.

While in Guyana he became involved in community service and was appointed president of the local chapter of the Lion’s International Club. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to all who knew him. His gentle nature and soothing spirit will sorely be missed by all who loved him.

Carlton is survived by: his wife, Sheila Marks; Three children: Rozamund Markham, Alan Marks and Dr. Carole Marks; Five grandchildren: Christopher, Quincy, Damar, Zara and Shannon; Two great-grandchildren: Kye and Kane; One sister, Enyd Marks; Four sisters-in-law: Stella Marks, Lucille Marks, Beulah Pollydore and Shirley Blair; together with one brother-in-law Ovid John.

He also leaves to mourn several nieces, nephews and cousins.

Carlton was laid to rest in the Garden of Freedom at Pinelawn Cemetery, Long Island, New York.

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